Apply for a Mini-Grant

Apply for a Teacher Mini-Grant

The Education Foundation knows how dedicated Mansfield ISD's teachers are!  We understand that many times in order to do a special project, especially in the spring when classroom supplies are getting low, teachers pull money out of their own pockets, with no expectation of being reimbursed. This is why the Mini-Grant program was created - to offer alternative funding for a specific project or activity for your students in the spring semester.

Mini-Grant Application Process

Teachers may apply by typing their information into the Mini-Grant word application, then emailing it to the Education Foundation at 

Mini-Grant Application

Mini-Grant Guidelines

Mini-Grant Sample


Mini-Grant Timeline and Deadlines

Mini-Grants are during the 2nd Semester
February:  Applications are opened for teachers to apply
March:  Mini-Grants are opened to receive donations

More details coming soon!


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the maximum a teacher can receive from a mini-grant?
Teachers have the ability to receive up to $250 through a mini-grant.

Who funds my mini-grant?
Mini-Grants are offered at the beginning of the second semester and funded online by parents, friends, family, individuals, colleagues, organizations and the Education Foundation. 

Can I publicize my mini-grant?
Don’t be shy! When the Mini-Grants go live in the second semester, share the link! This is the perfect opportunity for you to post your class project on social media ask for support.

Can I ask parents of my students of my students to my mini-grant?
Absolutely!  We encourage you to email them and/or post information in your newsletter. Be sure to add the link! You will be surprised at how quickly the total adds up when parents of your classroom give $5, $10, or $20 towards your class project or activity.

Will all mini-grants be funded 100%?
Not necessarily. When mini-grants close and are no longer open to receive donations from the public, the Education Foundation will allocate resources to mini-grants that are not 100% funded. Priority will be given to mini-grants that are partially funded, showing us that the teacher was diligent in promoting his or her mini-grant in attempts to obtain outside funding. 

More questions? 
Call the Education Foundation office at (817) 299-6355 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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