Apply for a Grant

2023- 2024 Grant Timeline   

Applications Open          May 30, 2023             
Applications Close          September 15, 2023   

While the exact date has not been made public, grants will be awarded before the Thanksgiving break.


Applying for a Traditional Grant

The Education Foundation knows the educators at Mansfield ISD are dedicated to giving our students the best education possible. Our teachers and educators have creative ideas to bring learning to life in the classroom and on campus, but tight school budgets do not always have the resources to fund the 'extras'. That is where the Education Foundation's grant program can help!

If you have an innovative way to engage your students and enhance their learning but lack the funding to implement it, apply for a grant with the Education Foundation. Don't be intimidated by the words 'apply for a grant', download the Grant Application Template today and you may find that applying for a grant is not as complicated as you thought. 

Grants will be awarded in November. The Grant Patrol consists of foundation board members, school district administrators, and volunteers boarding buses and traveling to campuses throughout the district surprising grant winners with great enthusiasm and a very large check.

How do I submit a grant?

  1. Grant applications are submitted online via Google link from your ‘’ account. Teachers will be sent an email from with the link to submit their applications.
  2. Use the above grant application template/worksheet as a guide when preparing to write your grant.
  3. We recommend you compose your grant in Microsoft Word.
  4. When you are ready to submit your application, cut and paste it from your word document into the google form.
  5. Have your principal’s signature (and any other approvals you may need) before you submit your application.
  6. NEW! Budget sheets will be completed in their entirety and submitted with the grant application.  Please refer to the approved vendor list linked on the application.  Once a grant has been reviewed, it will move on to the Purchasing Department for approval from the MISD Education Foundation. 


What approvals do I need before I submit my grant application?


Principal: Applications must be approved and signed by your principal before submitting.

Purchasing: For questions regarding approved vendors call MISD Purchasing (817) 299-6090. 

Technology: Grants with any technology must be approved by MISD Technology Department: or call (817) 299-4344.

Special Education: Any Special Education-based grants must be approved by SPED. Call 817-299-4306.

SEL: Any social-emotional learning grants must be approved by or call (632) 314-1627.

DEI: Grants that benefit diversity, equity, and inclusion must be approved by or call (817) 299-6328.

Construction: Grants that require construction must be approved by or call (817) 299-4344.



10 Grant writing tips….


  1. Don't be intimidated. Simply explain the need then how and why this grant will fill it.
  2. Be creative and think out of the box with your grants! Grant evaluators spend hours and hours reading grants, so make yours unique.
  3. Think sustainability!  Will this grant be utilized for years? If not, you may want to rethink it.
  4. Write grants for smaller amounts. They are more likely to be funded.
  5. Don’t try to use a lot of big words; keep it simple.
  6. Not all grant readers/ evaluators will have a strong background in education so avoid using education terminology without first explaining what it is (examples: PBL, ARD, ESL, SPED, GT...). 
  7. Talk to teachers who have received grants. Most are more than willing to help you with ideas and concepts.
  8. The Foundation, as a rule, does not buy textbooks or food.
  9. Show your passion for bringing learning to life!
  10. Stop thinking about it and do it!  We want to hear your ideas!


Congratulations, you got a grant! Now what?


  1. Let the world know about your grant and how it is making an impact on your students!  Post on social media and tag the Education Foundation. Twitter: @foundationMISD   Facebook: @MansfieldISDEducationFoundation.
  2. Email the Education Foundation with photos and tell us about your ‘grant in action’. We may highlight your grant as one of our success stories.
  3. Grants awarded in the fall must be implemented and active the following spring semester.
  4. If you do not spend all of your money, it will be returned to the Education Foundation and used for the next round of grants.
  5. Enjoy your grant and stay in touch! We love hearing updates!
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