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Bringing literacy to libraries

Three new schools, Brenda Norwood Elementary School, Alma Martinez Intermediate School and Charlene McKinzey Middle School, are scheduled to open in the fall of 2021. Help us put literacy in their libraries!

When community members Dr. Prakash Bhakta and Jared Ray learned that  books were not included in the libraries of new schools being built in Mansfield ISD, they not only put their heads together, they put a plan together. These two reached out to friends and community members, held an event, and raised funds to put books on the shelves in the libraries of the new schools being built across the district. Because of their efforts, the Education Foundation was able to award a $9,000 library literacy grant to Judy K. Miller Elementary School.

“We just saw a need and knew we could help” said Dr. Bhakta. “We have a great community that joined our efforts to support Mansfield ISD. We had a good time knowing we were helping to put books in the hands of children!”

Dr. Bhakta and Mr. Ray invite others to join their efforts to support literacy.  You can make a donation to the Education Foundation and request that your gift go to adding literacy to the new school libraries. With your help, when the new Mansfield ISD schools open in 2021, the libraries will have books and engaging literacy activities ready to be checked out and enjoyed by students. 


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