Grants for Janet Brockett Elementary

Talk It Up!

Submitted By: Sharon Guthrie, Katharine Nordin, Jennifer McEwen

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Our Students: As speech, special education FALS and resource teachers, preschool teachers, and counselors we have the responsibility of reaching over 650 students each day, ranging in ages from preschool to fourth grade. As a Title 1 school (53%) many ......

Our Project: Our students are not always willing or able to communicate their thoughts or feelings with us, or may not feel comfortable speaking aloud in a group setting. Research has shown that socio-economically disadvantaged students start ......

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Light up My World

Submitted By: Grace George

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My Students: My Kindergarten kids are so excited about learning! For many, this is their first time to attend a structured school environment. Their enthusiasm is contagious and they are enthusiastic and motivated to learn. My class ......

My Project: I would love to purchase an illumination light table with translucent pattern blocks and and Picasso tiles. This LED surface is a great way to explore scientific discovery, academic learning, and sensory play. This cool-to-the-touch ......

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Brockett Can Cube

Submitted By: Molly Sparkman

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My Students: As the librarian, I see 250 energetic, intelligent, and highly inquisitive 3rd and 4th graders every week. They are enthusiastic and motivated to learn and always excited to discover something new. As Dr. Rick Rigsby said ......

My Project: Last year I hosted a guest speaker who worked with a small group on solving the Rubik's cube. The enthusiasm it sparked was phenomenal. Students that participated were so excited and animated, yet many lacked ......

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