Top Academic Scholars 

Thursday, May 20, 2021 (tentative date)

The academic journey of being named one of the top seniors in Mansfield ISD, is not for those that avoid hard work and commitment but consists of four years of outstanding efforts in the classroom day after day, week after week.  Since 1999 the Education Foundation hosts an event to recognize our top academic scholars and celebrates their achievements. 

 The Education Foundation invites and encourages the community to join us as we recognize these students for their outstanding achievements.

One unique aspect of the event is that each student is joined by a Mansfield ISD educator they have selected to recognize because of the teacher’s positive influence on their life. It is our pleasure to salute these fifty distinguished educators and recognize them for their commitment and dedication they have shown throughout their teaching careers.  

How the Top Scholars are Selected

MISD Top Academic Scholars are the students with the highest GPA at their high school. The number of Top Scholars from each campus is determined by the school's UIL status.

6 A High Schools recognize the top 12 students.
5 A High Schools recognize the top 10 students.
Frontier High School recognizes the top 2 students. 

Celebrating Last Year's 2019-20 MISD's Top Scholars

Frontier High School

Christopher Phan
Zaid Rabbani

Lake Ridge High School

Aaron Libed
Michelle Nguyen
Avram Santiago
Vivian Nguyen
Chace Moncrief
Ashley Chuong
Christeen Nguyen
Kayla Baluyot
Abigail Nguyen
Benjamin Bathan
Denae Jaksik
Amy Morka

Legacy High School

Katelyn Pasierb
Isabella Estes
Yunah Song
Megan Novak
Elisabeth Harris
Bryan Andra
Leah Nguyen
JenniLee Johnson
Brinley Koenig
Ryland Mallett

Mansfield High School

Juliana Neniel
Velin Kojouharov
Ethan Nguyen
Christina Nguyen
Julia Brown
Tristian Fonseca
Emily Vo
Emily Willingham
Rachel Schellsmidt
Stephen Willis
Romana Marques
David Ventura

Summit High School

Trina Le
Daniel Cruz
Zoe Najar
Jodie Nguyen
Daisy Hernandez
Bushra Shoaib
Samantha Baker
Kara  Samstag
Heather Tran
Anthony  Nguyen
Benjamin Erickson
Caroline Caffey

Timberview High School

Sydney Su
Jeremy Pham
Ravi Ramkissoon
Rolake Feyisetan
Temitayo Aderounmu
Christina Nguyen
Tina Do
Breana Deanda
Paul Ihim
Daja Dansby

"The dream begins, most of the time, with a teacher who believes in you,

who tugs and pushes and leads you on to the next plateau."

             - Dan Rather

Meet the Distinguished Educators

Monica Abrams
Daniel Allgire
Brandon Austin
Milt Barnum
Priscilla Blanton
Cindy Bridges
Siddharth Chatterjee
Heather Colburn
Lisa Cole
Kali Curry
Melissa Danforth
Peter Downing
David Dunbar
Charlene Dunham
Jodi Esaili
Angela Fore
Allison Foster-Haliburton
Stephanie Garrett
Mandy Gent
Larry Harmon
Casey Harris
Ashley Hicks
Patricia Johnson
Sara Kamphaus
Ashley Kavanagh
Doug Klaudt
Sara Lewis
Sharon Lewis
Rena Long
Leland Mallett
Erica Marburger
Gerald McCall
Emily McCollister
Jennifer Messer
Eric Mullins
Andrew Nance
Corey Nieman
Christopher Peralta
Jonathan Ramon
Melissa Rendón
Joshua Rhoades
Howard Ritz
Kenya Ross
Rachel Ryan
Jennifer Sanders
James Schanzer
Stephanie Shackelford
Leigh Ann Smith
Linn Thatcher
Beverly Ver Steeg
Emily Waneck
Jessica Watson
Dawn Welch
Thomas White
Dallas Williams
Jessie Williams
Cheryl Wisch
Michael Withers

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