NEW Grant in Action – Fancy Footwork


Dear Ms. Bacsik:

Thank you so very much for the “Fancy Footwork” grant that you gave to us last Spring.  The students have had a great time this Fall learning the basics of the piano keyboard and music staff by utilizing the floor keyboard and the floor staff.  The kinesthetic approach utilized by standing on the keyboard and staff made it much more fun to learn as we played games and made music.  The students then wrote on their own keyboard and staff printouts and even composed their own musical pieces that they played on various keyboards around the room.

The students’ comments as they left the music class were:  “Awesome!”, “That was fun!” and “I wish I could give something back to them (the Education Foundation)”.  Perhaps they will remember this grant and will encourage their parents to contribute to the Education Foundation and, in turn, one day, as adults, they will contribute.

As the music teacher, I so enjoyed teaching this unit of study because of having such wonderful materials.  Thank you for enhancing the music program at Alice Ponder Elementary School.

Mrs. Debbie Brown
Alice Ponder Elementary School

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