Grants in Action – Junior Jag Bank!!


At Roberta Tipps we wanted to create our own Jr. Jag Bank, we already had our own Safety Patrol and Jr. Jag Mail. Now thanks to the foundation we do. The bank allows our students to save their Jag Bucks and learn the value of long-term savings and real life banking. It also allows them to understand how money functions in their lives. It helps students learn and identify examples of people wanting more than they can have. Explaining why wanting more than they can have requires that people make choices when buying food and services.

 Students are also allowed to make deposits during lunch, use the ATM in the main hallway and later receive statements via the Jr. Jag mail system. The money they earn is used to purchase rewards and enter prize drawings. And finally the grant teaches our students free enterprise and ways of earning, spending and saving money while doing business.

Watch the Video!


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