Grant In Action – T A Howard Middle School Science Carnivale Grant!


A study on how Physics/math are present in our daily lives. This project includes several game tables (billiards, table tennis, air hockey basketball), golf putting greens, golf putter, golf balls and a bowling game set. In addition to these materials, regular lab and classroom materials, as well as, probes will be available for the student to help in their experimental designs. The physics/math project will support the study of how physics/math laws came to be and how they affect our everyday lives.

Students are using an inquiry based approach in this project. This approach will allow the students to design an experiment that will demonstrate the different physics laws and math applications. It will also keep them engaged. Each group will be allowed to rotate through the different games and perform the labs designed by their peers. Students have studied Newton’s first, second and third laws of motion, have studied basic geometry and spatial reasoning as well as measurements. It is expected that they can implement the knowledge acquired to design and create interesting ways in which they can demonstrate how these laws apply to the games and sports that they are familiar with. Students are required to express in a written report, their conclusions, demonstrating their ability to construct an informative/descriptive paper that depicts all actions taken during the activity. This will open their eyes to a whole new world in science careers and applications, as well as demonstrate how important it is to develop their written communication skills.

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