Capturing Kids’ Hearts

Congratulations to Dr. Andrea Hensley and the staff at Brooks Wester Middle School for receiving a grant for “Capturing Kids’ Hearts”. The Education Foundation contributed $10,000 toward this outstanding program. We are excited to support the staff at Brooks Wester in pursuing a better way of interacting with their students.

What is Capturing Kids’ Hearts?
It is a 3-day teacher and administrator training program that provides school faculty with the skills they need to model and teach relational skills, communicative competencies, problem solving skills, citizenship, and consequential thinking. This program provides the foundation on which teachers build effective classroom management strategies including engaging students at the beginning of class, developing classroom expectations for behavior, providing effective feedback, and identifying and addressing conflict.

Why Capturing Kids’ Hearts?
Unlike other programs, Capturing Kids’ Hearts is not an isolated training event. It isn’t classified as a program, rather it is a training and curriculum process that transforms leadership, educators, students and the educational environment. The technique is statistically proven with rigorous longitudinal studies and case studies forming a firm research foundation and approved program status. Texas Education Agency has listed Capturing Kids’ Hearts as an approved Character Education program. Eight case studies submitted to the licensing education board in Texas showed dramatic improvement in school culture (discipline referral rates dropped 70% in some cases after implementing CKH training), and academic test scores, especially those whose scores were among the lowest in the state improved significantly with overall percent passing on state assessments (i.e. STAAR) improving up to 31 percentage points. Two letters of recommendation were submitted that stated that CKH can sustain the learning environment of the school, even when the demographics of the school are changing. Capturing Kids’ Hearts has been touted as an important part of a “turnaround team.”

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