Grants in Action – Landforms, Erosion and Environmental Engineering Lab!

Cross Timbers Intermediate School – $4,600
Teachers: Wendy Purdy, Larita Lanier, Ricky Kizer, Nancy Mosley and Burke Egner.

All 5th and 6th grade students will be exposed to the vocabulary, visual and hands-on experiences the physical earth encounters due to environmental and human interactions. The following materials were purchased for this grant: sandboxes with lids, watering cans, sand for boxes, clay pots, diggin gtools and PVC pipe for drainage experiments. This will benefit the students at Cross Timbers with hands on learning. The students will explore ways to problem solve environmental issues.


  3.JPG 5c-1.JPG 5c-070.JPG

5c-103.JPG 5c-106.JPG 5c-109.JPG 5c-110.JPG

5c-112.JPG 5c-114.JPG

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