Early Literacy Center Opening Fall 2018

A new facility that changes the way young students will learn is on the horizon at Mansfield ISD. The MISD Early Literacy Center, set to open in the fall of 2018, will be an innovative school for children ages three and four that takes learning beyond the four walls of a classroom.

“It’s basically structured in what early childhood research says is best for how students learn,” said Kristi Cobb, MISD’s director of early literacy. “Young students can come attend and learn through play, learn through unique experiences and learn through interacting with students.”

The focus of the learning center will be to promote literacy and numeracy development at an early age in an exploratory and engaging environment. The facility will have 16 unique learning experiences, what people would typically call classrooms, that are structured into pods of learning: exploration, investigation, imagination and navigation. In each pod, children will be immersed in learning about different topics, such as the ocean, greenhouses, animals, construction and space.

“The building is very unique. It’s not like a traditional literacy center and not like a tradition school,” said Jeff Brogden, Associate Superintendent of Facilities and Bond Programs. “For instance, one of the experiences is about the ocean, so there is an interactive submarine that is part of the experience. Students and teachers will be able to take an interactive field trip through the ocean to visit different mammals and learn all about that realm.”

The facility will be located near Della Icenhower Intermediate School off of South Collins Street. Each morning and afternoon session will consist of 15-17 students, a teacher and an instructional aide. Between 480-500 students will be able to enroll each year. The school will also host field trips and other activities so that all Mansfield ISD students have the opportunity to benefit from the facility. MISD’s Early Literacy Center is aligned with the district’s Vision 2020 guiding statement that indicates students will read on level or higher by the beginning of the third grade and will remain on level or higher as an MISD student.