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My Students: My third grade students are simple the best! They come from a variety of backgrounds and home experiences. My classroom is diversified and I couldn't ask for a better group of kids! We have all sorts of students with varying strengths and skills. My class is composed of general ed. students, an ISLE student, students that are identified as ELL, some are at-risk, on IEPs, 504s, or individual health plans (IHP). As you can see, we have a mixture and that mixture becomes my family.

My Project: As you can imagine, it is essential to have small group or guided reading/writing stations in my classroom. Here is how the Education Foundation can help out: the grand could fund some fun, new games for my centers or rotations. The games I have selected include a match and sort vocabulary, nonfiction comprehension cards, a comnplete set of reading and writing gammes, and a grab and match multiple meaning words game. During small group time, I group students based on reading skills. Generally there are about 4-5 students in a group. Some of the time is spent with the teacher and the other time students are collaborating with other students independently. The school day goes by very quickly so it is importatn that each rotation is engaging and the students are learning. Having games that support a reading or writing skill will help develop a deeper understanding of the skill and we all know that with practice, we get btter! The games support the districts Vision 2020 1. Students will read on level or higher by the beginning of third grade and will remain on level or higher as an MISD Student 2. The games support collaboration and communication

My Students Need: Match & Sort Vocabulary Quickies - Gr 2-3 - $24.99 Nonfiction Comrehension Quickie Cards - $29.99 Reading & Writing Skills Folder Game Libraries - Gr 2-3 - Complete set - $129 Grab & Match Leveled Multiple Meanings Quickies - $23.99

Budget Details

Match & Sort Vocabulary Quickies - Gr 2-3 Lakeshore 1 $24.99
Nonfiction Comrehension Quickie Cards Lakeshore 1 $29.99
Reading & Writing Skills Folder Game Libraries - Gr 2-3 - Complete se Lakeshore 1 $129
Grab & Match Leveled Multiple Meanings Quickies Lakeshore 1 $23.99
Project Total: $207.97
Minus Donations: $207.97
Total Remaining: $0.00

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