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My Students: We are privileged to serve a wonderful and increasingly diverse population of 5th grade students with a wide range of needs at Mary Lillard. GT, SPED, ELL, and general education students are continually in need of writing and vocabulary reinforcement across all content areas. When these skills are strengthened, student success and confidence follows.

My Project: When working with smaller groups of science students during WIN/Intervention time, content maps, engaging activities, and sample assessment questions with appropriate STAAR rigor are needed. With the Streamlining of Science TEKS in effect this school year, it is important that our small group activities reflect the change and meet the needs of every student while we focus on teaching our Readiness Standards with consistency and fidelity. We want to help students focus on critical science concepts and maximize retention.

My Students Need: Science Pilot (approved MISD vendor) has developed Readiness Standards Kits to help students gain a better understanding of the Readiness Standards TEKS for 5th grade science. The kits include: · Content Maps - focused vocabulary and main ideas on one page · Activities - quick, easy to prepare reinforcements for individuals, partners, or groups · Assessments - questions written with similar rigor and format as those found on the 5th grade STAAR test. This kit contains 11 content maps, 11 activities, and 110 questions. In addition, they offer color posters of the content maps from the Readiness Standards Kit above. This set of 14" x 18" content maps allow teachers to display the focused vocabulary/main ideas during instruction and other times in the year, such as Science Boot Camp in April as we engage students in their review of STAAR Science concepts.

Budget Details

Readiness Standards Kit #RSK5 Science Pilot 1 $200
Readiness Standards Science Posters #RSP5 Science Pilot 1 $50
Project Total: $250.00
Minus Donations: $380.00
Total Remaining: $(130.00)

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