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Submitted By: Jasmina Bhakta & Makayla Kendall

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My Students: Our Students are hardworking individuals who come from various backgrounds and life experiences. The Students range academically in their skills from very high performing, GT level, to students struggling with learning disabilities. However, one thing we have noticed in each student is the inability to critically think for themselves which is what Kanoodle puzzle are designed to help the students achieve. Tue to the puzzles' unique designs and various levels, the puzzles would be able to support each students needs in our classroom. We have GT students who would love and enjoy challenging activities like this during intervention time or even after they complete their daily assignments. This activity would provide them with the rigor they need in an entertaining and challenging way. Our at=risk students would also benefit from this puzzle by learning new ways to critically think; allowing them to use these skills in areas that they may struggle with.. Each student in our classrooms will be able to benefit from these games

My Project: Our project would allow our students to use their creative thinking skills to solve puzzles. Each game comes with a box, puzzle pieces and a level guide. The students are given a box with puzzle pieces and are allowed to choose their own level of difficulty. After choosing a puzzle level, the students set up their challenge based on the picture and then place the remaining pieces to solve the puzzle. There are hundreds of possible combinations to challenge their minds, but each level only has one correct answer. These brain twisting problem solving skills, strategic thinking skills can can be used as a collaboration activity amongst our different level thinking students. To solve these puzzles, they would have to use spatial reasoning skills. The collaboration Kanoodle game can be used by multiple students and can also be a great paired group activity

My Students Need: The 4-5 sets of each brain boosting game so they can work n pairs, small groups, or even individually to solve puzzles.

Budget Details

IQ Blox Amazon 4 $9.5
IQ Fit Amazon 4 $9.6
Educational Insights Kandoole Extreme Amazon 6 $9.96
Educational Insights Kanoodle Head-to Head Brain Game Amazon 5 $21.74
Project Total: $244.86
Minus Donations: $60.00
Total Remaining: $184.86

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