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My Students: My students represent a very diverse community including a population of low income students that are in desperate need of engaging experiences to anchor their learning. If my students are able to have this uncommon experience to make tough TEKS and objectives more meaningful to them I am positive they will reward me with uncommon effort and attitude. My students deserve to have experiences in the classroom that will make them love being at school and excited to return the next day to see what we will learn. This will impact both my students and parents. I believe this will help get my students' parents more involved in learning. In addition, my students will have positive memories attached to learning in mathematics in their very first state tested grad level.

My Project: Objective - Math - Word Problems: Those Tricky word problems are always causing trouble! But nor for my spies. i will use this theme to tech my students how to "spy" on the most important information in their "case files' of math word problems using UPSC. Students use highlighters to identify numbers, action words, and the necessary details to solve. Then they crack the case and solve each problem. How I will set the state to engage students: Hand yarn from the ceiling, plug in black lights all over the room (and the yarn looks exactly like lasers) I will wear a secret agent costume and students wear secret "agent" glasses. Executing the Activity: Students will wait outside the room. they have to get their finger printed on "Agent Stone's" (aka Mrs. Ramos') phone app. If they are accepted they can go in and then they are given their assignment: Math Word Problems.

My Students Need:

Budget Details

Black Lights Amazon 4 $34.99
White Yarn Amazon 2 $5.84
Blacklight flashlights (2 pack( Amazon 5 $9.99
Push lights (5 pack) Amazon 1 $9.99
Disguise glasses (12 pack) Amazon 2 $15.36
Project Total: $242.30
Minus Donations: $155.00
Total Remaining: $87.30

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