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My Students: My art students come from diverse backgrounds. Each has a unique story to tell with their art. All fifth grade students spend some time exploring art class. Sixth grade art students chose art as their year-long elective, so they are eager to explore different art forms and to express themselves through art.

My Project: Displaying student artwork has a way of empowering students! It also brightens up a school and shows off its personality. Our hallway walls are mostly brick, tile, and lockers. We added several map rails in our front hallway last year to begin displaying student artwork without damaging the walls. I want to finish our hall gallery by installing 2 additional map rails to accommodate nearly twice the artwork and space.

My Students Need: 6 Map Rails to be installed in our front hallway, totaling $206.46.

Budget Details

Claridge Map Rail, 8 ft, Satin, Anodized Dick Blick 6 $21.41
Shipping/Handling 1 $78
Project Total: $206.46
Minus Donations: $327.92
Total Remaining: $(121.46)

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