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My Students: Our learners are amazing innovative thinkers who display creativity. They come from across the district and represent all portions of MISD. They are always wanting to extend their learning and create solutions to the problems we present.

My Project: This year at the Jerry Knight STEM Academy, we began a class focusing on graphic design. While our learners have personal laptops, we are missing the piece that will allow them to digitally manipulate their own personal drawings. My hope is to get 2 VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Scanners with Auto Feed Docks (see picture above). These are portable devices that get plugged into the laptop to transfer the scanned images. Once they have the images, the students will be able to manipulate them in an Adobe program.

My Students Need: I am looking to get 2 VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner and Auto Feed Docks ($117.99 each) for us to use with the students laptops and current software.

Budget Details

VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner & Auto Feed Dock Amazon 2 $117.99
Project Total: $235.98
Minus Donations: $235.98
Total Remaining: $0.00

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