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My Students: 9th - 12th grade AVID Students

My Project: Our project will be a collaboration between Freshman and Senior students. This project will bring together a Senior AVID student with a Freshman AVID student. These will work together to make a hand painted paving stone with the Senior's name and Graduation year along with the College the Senior plans to attend. This will help build a relationship that probably would't have happened. We are outside in the portables and when it rains it tends to get really muddy. The stepping stones will provide students a place to step to avoid getting mud on their shoes. This project will allow the Freshman to have something to look forward to when they are seniors. Each year the stepping stones will be re used and the process will continue for many years. This project will be a source of pride for our students and our staff. It will give the Seniors a little brother or little sister in AVID that they can Mentor. I am very excited about the possibilities this project will provide.

My Students Need: 70 Stepping stones, 2 gallons of Patio Paint, Acrylic paint and brushes

Budget Details

70 Paving Stones Home Depot 70 $1.48
Gallon of Patio Paint Home Depot 2 $24.98
Paint Brushes Hobby Lobby 12 $1.99
Acrylic Paint Sets Hobby Lobby 7 $9.99
Project Total: $247.37
Minus Donations: $0.00
Total Remaining: $247.37

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