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My Students: Our students live in a world where the biggest names they know got famous on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. This has increased the awareness of technological careers, home-made careers (youtubers), and the need to learn about more than just how to watch these things happen for other people.

My Project: I am implementing Project Based Learning in Social Studies. One of the key parts of the PBL process is presentation to a real audience. In the past, students could do a poster board with their information on it, or even create a simple PowerPoint to show to the class. But now, even students know they need to do more than color a board. 5th graders are so creative and willing to put in the work on something they are passionate about. These days, they are passionate about electronics and learning more about how to express themselves in a different way than their peers. Your donation will help propel students into this new realm of electronic communications and help prepare them for upper grades and future real-world projects and careers.

My Students Need: Our students need a Photo Studio Light Kit that includes a green screen and other backdrops, along with lighting. This will allow students to produce better quality video presentations, in addition to sharpening their presentation skills.

Budget Details

Linco Photo Studio Light Kit Amazon 2 $99.99
Project Total: $199.98
Minus Donations: $204.96
Total Remaining: $(4.98)

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