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My Students: My Kindergarten kids are so excited about learning! For many, this is their first time to attend a structured school environment. Their enthusiasm is contagious and they are enthusiastic and motivated to learn. My class has 20 energetic, intelligent, and lovable kindergartners. They love to sing, dance, move and play. I want to cultivate this enthusiasm and incorporate as much kinesthetic activity as possible into my lessons. My students learn best when I integrate a lot of hands-on manipulatives, repetition, and relevant activities. Light Up My World will incorporate all of these aspects. I appreciate your generosity for allowing us to bring these opportunities to my students.

My Project: I would love to purchase an illumination light table with translucent pattern blocks and and Picasso tiles. This LED surface is a great way to explore scientific discovery, academic learning, and sensory play. This cool-to-the-touch light up surface will allow my kinders to express their unique perception of the world by combining various materials, shapes, and colors. Playing is fundamental to creativity and develops imagination while experimenting with translucent colored materials. These materials will serve as a center in my classroom where my kinders will be exposed to a range of development skills such as fine motor development, hand eye coordination, and color and shape recognition. The blocks and tiles requested will develop geometry vocabulary, discovery of magnetic polarity, and encourage design and imagination. I am so excited to add this to my classroom center rotations and I cannot wait to see hoe excited my kinders are to explore them.

My Students Need: We need a light up table for our classroom to reinforce understanding colors and shapes. This is an important part of early childhood education affecting the learning process for different subjects such as math, science and language arts.

Budget Details

Illumination Light Table Demco 1 $169.99
Translucent Pattern Blocks Amazon 1 $28.20
Picasso Tiles Amazon 1 $49.98
Project Total: $248.17
Minus Donations: $50.00
Total Remaining: $198.17

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