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My Students: The learners at the Jerry Knight STEM Academy are amazing, innovative thinkers who demonstrate creativity and a love of learning on a daily basis. They come from every attendance zone across the district and represent all portions of the MISD community. Our learners are highly motivated to explore the world around them and constantly seeking ways to blend their personal passions with the pursuit of educational excellence. They choose to attend the Jerry Knight STEM Academy because it offers them a unique environment to extend their learning. This desire for an innovative learning atmosphere combining personal interests with creative exploration also extends to Physical Education.

My Project: Last year, for our STEM Field Day, we borrowed a homemade Quidditch set from an outside source. Our learners are avid readers and were absolutely thrilled to play the game made famous by the Harry Potter novels that they have been reading their whole lives. Based on that success, we would now like to make our own Quidditch set to be used throughout the year. Our set will be used in both PE class and for team building, helping to promote physical fitness, teamwork and to build community across the grade levels.

My Students Need: We need supplies to build our own Quidditch set. We need hula hoops, PVC pipes and connectors, foam soccer/volleyballs, dodge balls, small bouncy balls, and colored pinnies to identify the different teams.

Budget Details

Hula Hoops—Liberty Import value bundle snap together (pack of 6) Amazon 1 $24.95
PVC Pipe (½ inch x 10 ft) Home Depot 7 $2.20
PVC Connectors ½ inch furniture grade (10 pack) Home Depot 3 $13.33
PVC Connectors ½ inch 90 degree Home Depot 24 $.59
Dodge Balls Amazon 2 $41.99
Foam Soccer Ball Amazon 2 $12.99
Spalding Bouncy Ball Amazon 4 $2.71
Scrimmage Vest Pinnies in red and blue (12 pack) Amazon 1 $22.99
Gold Spray Paint Home Depot 2 $5.85
Project Total: $249.99
Minus Donations: $249.99
Total Remaining: $0.00

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