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My Students: My students come to my room from various programs in Mansfield ISD. Each student has an IEP that directs us to work on needs to ease their transition into adulthood. We try to improve their fine motor skills and ability to concentrate on tasks to complete a sellable work project. My students will have special interests and abilities and by trying various tasks, materials and equipment, we will find projects that stimulate the various students’ interests.

My Project: Using donated Legos, we will purchase picture frames, cut out letters, light plates, and items to make Pinterest crafts for sale. Using Tacky Glue, which is nontoxic my students will be able to safely glue and position Legos on various items. This allows us to have create one of a kind sellable items. This is done safely and at the speed of each individual child.

My Students Need: Picture Frames of various sizes, cutout letters, clocks, hardware for hanging, light plates, pencils boxes, Tacky Glue, spray paint and items to make key rings.

Budget Details

Tacky Glue Gallon Amazon 1 $47.81
Light Cover 10 pack Amazon 1 $32.99
5 by 7 picture Frames set of 12 Amazon 1 $32.99
4 by 6 Picture Frames set of 10 Amazon 1 $29.99
8 by 10 Picture of Frames set of 7 Amazon 1 $29.99
Spray Paint Amazon 5 $5.69
Key Ring car/Key Finder 3 pack Amazon 4 $5.99
2 mm Twisted Barrel parts for Key chains pack of 25 Amazon 2 $6.99
Project Total: $240.16
Minus Donations: $480.32
Total Remaining: $(240.16)

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