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My Students: This is a new class at Timberview High School. I started with only 11 students enrolled in the class, and now I have 27! Most of my students are seniors, with a few juniors as well. I have a very diverse class, with some very eager learners.

My Project: Because this is a new class for Timberview, we do not have the lab supplies needed for the year. I would like to purchase at least three lab kits to get started for this semester. We would like to be as hands-on as possible!

My Students Need: I would like to purchase three labs kits to get us started for the year. In our upcoming units this semester, we will investigate population growth, biodiversity, and species distribution. The lab kits requested will allow us to investigate these concepts hands-on, which will facilitate and increase our learning and understanding.

Budget Details

Carolina Investigations for AP Environmental Science: Population Growth with lemna minor 1-station kit Carolina 1 $61.75
Carolina Investigations for AP Environmental Science: Loss of Biodiversity 8-station kit Carolina 1 $94.95
Carolina EcoKits: Climate Patterns and Species Distribution Carolina 1 $92.65
Project Total: $249.35
Minus Donations: $498.70
Total Remaining: $(249.35)

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