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My Students: As a Vocational Adjustment Coordinator, it is my job to provide employment skills to students from Legacy, Summit, Mansfield, Timberview, as well as students in the Transition Center here at Ben Barber. These students have significant disabilities and are typically apart of the FALS or ISLE Program at their home campuses. I provide in classroom vocational instruction along with community based instruction. My students are accompanied by job coaches to go to sites within the community in order to learn hands on vocational skills. My students are provided hands on training at job sites such as Marshall’s, Watercrest, Walgreens, Party City, Five Below, HomeGoods, On The Border, Tractor Supply, and Ace Hardware to name a few. The more that my students are engaged in appropriate work behavior the more their chances increase in receiving and maintaining paid employment. It is my job to provide experiences for my students to improve their work behavior. Many times people with special needs lose their jobs not because of their abilities to complete the task at work, but due to inappropriate behavior at work.

My Project: My goal is to create an on campus jobsite to meet the needs of those students who may not be quite ready to go out to a community job site. Our company, No Limit Enterprises, will provide project based learning activities in order to improve the employability skills of students in the Work Based Learning Program. The students would make handmade scarves. The students will be given directions along with visuals on each step of the project. They will need to sign in and out as if they were at a job. Students would create order forms as well as market the project. The students would be responsible for identifying what materials are needed to create their scarves as well as be a part of the delivery process to customers. Students will have the opportunity to use and refine academic skills such as measuring, reading, following multi-step directions, fine motor skills, and communication skills. Scarves will be sold and the proceeds will be used to buy more materials, fund other projects, as well as take students on community based instruction trips. Your donation will make a positive impact in the lives of special needs students and assist them on a road towards independence and self-sufficiency. Every year, the students visit local nursing homes during Christmas time as a part of their community service. This year we would love to visit a nursing home and provide a few handmade scarves to residents. We stress the importance of giving back to our community and having empathy towards others. My goal is to assist my students in becoming productive citizens.

My Students Need: My students need the materials in order to make handmade scarves. We are in need of various colors of felt, rotary cutters, mats, fabric glue, bags, and labels. Each bag will have a label stating that this project was funded by the MISD Grant Foundation.

Budget Details

Fiskars Rotating Mat & Trim - 4 Piece Set Hobby Lobby 1 $24.99
Fiskars Titanium Blade Coating Rotary Cutter - 60mm Hobby Lobby 1 $24.99
Aleene's Permanent Fabric Glue Hobby Lobby 4 $6.99
Black Fleece Hobby Lobby 3 $6.29
Gold Fleece Hobby Lobby 2 $6.29
Royal Blue Fleece Hobby Lobby 2 $6.29
Red Plaid Fleece Hobby Lobby 2 $7.69
Purple Fleece Hobby Lobby 2 $6.29
White Fleece Hobby Lobby 2 $6.29
Red White Gray Fleece Hobby Lobby 2 $7.69
UT Fleece Hobby Lobby 1 $10.49
Texas A&M Fleece Hobby Lobby 1 $10.49
Dallas Cowboys Fleece Hobby Lobby 2 $11.19
Hot Pink Dot Hobby Lobby 1 $7.69
Paper Bags Sam's Club 1 $6.34
Avery White Shipping Labels for Inkjet/LaserJet Printers, 2" x 4", Pack of 250 Walmart 1 $8.84
Project Total: $244.12
Minus Donations: $244.12
Total Remaining: $0.00

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