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My Students: My students are inquisitive, curious, hard-working fifth graders that need exposure to math and science in the real world. I have a group of 55 high-achieving GT/PreAP students that are ready to conquer the world. My students learn the most when they experience math and science through hands-on activities rather than passively sitting in front of a PowerPoint. They learn best when they can see math and science in action in the real-world. To facilitate this process, we incorporate technology whenever we can. Our students come to us from diverse backgrounds and financial situations. We are a title one school, and many of our students cannot access technology in their home. I want to make sure that my students become technologically proficient as they will be using it in any career they can dream of. My students learn best through independent research and self-discovery.

My Project: I need more devices in my classroom, so that my students may experience the world. In science, when I am teaching my students about ecosystems, I do not want to show them static images. I want them to be able to go to a live webcam in the savannah and experience what it is really like. When I am teaching attributes of geometrical figures, I want my students to be able to see various buildings and works of art with these attributes. When we practice math, I want my students to have an interactive experience with Kahoot or Quizziz as opposed to looking at a boring worksheet. I want my students to be able to do research as I ask them higher-order questions on a regular basis. It is imperative that I keep my GT/PreAP students engaged and challenged to develop their critical thinking skills. I want my students to develop their own questions about math and science and have the resources to do research on topics of their choosing. Access to more technology will enable this engagement to happen in my classroom.

My Students Need: 5 Kindle Fire tablets to provide them with a window to the real-world and access to various interactive learning tools in math and science.

Budget Details

Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7 Amazon 5 $49.99
Project Total: $249.95
Minus Donations: $399.90
Total Remaining: $(149.95)

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