It’s Fun and It’s the Future…..Coding Drones!!!

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My Students: Our Students at Low are extremely excited about learning new things. They love a challenge and always seem to reach for the high bar. Why not let them reach for the sky with drones. Drones have been integrated into many aspects of our society. From assisting police forces with apprehending a criminal, monitoring natural disasters and future plans for delivering packages. Let's get our students in on the ground floor by integrating drones into the classroom.

My Project: The lesson plan for the drones is to introduce students to block programming using the drones as one more device in the programming unit. Additionally bring people in to talk with them about how drones are used commercially and for recreation. i have already set up one Skype session with a company that uses drones for farming and an MISD police officer to talk about how first responders use drones. Drone lesson itinerary: • Learn block programming with “Tynker” • Design an obstacle course using recycled items • Program drone to fly the obstacle course • Exchange obstacle courses with another team to program to fly the new course • Invite parents who may have drones to show students how to fly them • Skype with different companies who use drones to accomplish specific tasks o Farming o Law enforcement o Aerial photography o Military o Journalists o Recreational

My Students Need: 4 Parrot Minidrones Mambo with cannon grabbers 1 Eagle Pro Drone Obstacle Course

Budget Details

Parrot Minidrone Mambowith Cannon and Grabber Accessories (Certified REfurbished) Amazon 4 $54.99
Eagle Pro Drone Racing Course Amazon 1 $29.99
Project Total: $249.95
Minus Donations: $100.00
Total Remaining: $149.95

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