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My Students: Our students are fun, love learning and are occasionally soft spoken. I want those students to have an opportunity to have their voices heard and make it seem like they are fitting in without even realizing it. The Qball will be a great way to keep kids engaged and on task during classroom discussions.

My Project: Class participation is sometimes difficult to accomplish with all students. This device will be a fun way for students to share with the class. It will increase listening and speaking engagement in a fun and novel way

My Students Need: A Qball by PEEQ Technologies is an amazing piece of technology to keep students engaged and ready to answer questions. The Qball is a ball shaped microphone that can be tossed around the classroom to allow students to talk into it and answer questions or share their thoughts on topics being discussed. The Qball needs its own set of speakers in order to project through the classroom so they are also included in the price.

Budget Details

Qball PEEQ Technologies 1 $191
Sanyun SW 102 Computer Speakers, Stereo 2.0 Channel Wired USB Powered PC Laptop Speakers, 3.5 mm Aux Blue LED Small Desktop Speaker, Black Amazon 1 $27.99
Project Total: $218.99
Minus Donations: $0.00
Total Remaining: $218.99

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