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My Students: As a school Counselor, I hear from many parents who want to help their child, They are caring parents but are not sure what to do. how can they be shown the way? By using Home & School Connection - a unique family engagement newsletter that gives parents the help they need. It will also boost parent involvement that will include: • Steps to Homework Success - This newsletter will provide tips for developing the habits and study skills that will help students do their best with homework. It will also include advice to parents on supporting their child's homework routines - without doing the work for them. • Build better behavior – Better behavior at home can mean better behavior at school. With this guide, parents will discover strategies to encourage self-control, set limits, and handle everyday challenges. • Support their child’s education – The newsletter will offer practical ideas for creating a positive learning environment at home, engaging in productive communication with teachers, and maximizing parent-teacher conferences. • Kindness and Compassion – When students are kind to each other, school is safer and more pleasant. This means more learning can take place. The handout will demonstrate and suggest to parents ways to raise a compassionate child, ways to show empathy, say NO to bullying, and naturally perform kind acts. • Reading, Writing, & Math – Ten at-home activities will be included that will reinforce the skills children are learning at school. Children will read to learn about history and geography, celebrate a “number of the day”, write a comic strip, and more.

My Project: Every issue of Home & School Connection is filled with practical ideas for improving school success..enhancing parenting skills...strengthening the home and school partnership...improving family life...and building positive character traits. parents will find every issue full of practical ideas that promote parent involvement, school success, and good parenting. It will be a great investment in our students and parents. It comes in an attractive, user-friendly design parents are more likely to read. It is filled with short, easy-to-read articles and friendly illustrations that grab the reader's attention. Today's buy families will love the single-sheet format. This newsletter will make a great public relations tool that will benefit home and school while saving time to create a monthly parent newsletter of this quality.

My Students Need: Your donation will provide every student at Cora Spencer Elementary a monthly newsletter offering tools that will last a lifetime. Most important it will save time and effort on parent communication. A digital version is included that will allow us to personalize it so parents know is's form us. Our school name will be added as well. It will be a great investment in our students and parents. Every month, September through May, we will get a personalized issue ready to send home to parents. We can photocopy and print as many as needed. We can also post on personalized PDF on school website, or email the newsletter to parents.

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