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My Students: My students are enthusiastic, eager-to-learn 6th graders! They want to do well in school, but some of them just don’t have the tools in their toolbox yet to be successful. Struggling with reading comprehension is the biggest issue we are facing in our classroom today. They say they “hate to read”….can you imagine?!? I tell them they don’t hate reading; they just haven’t found the right reading material yet. I can provide the instruction and tools, but my students need interest-grabbing, can’t-put-it-down material to get them hooked! There is a way….

My Project: Can you imagine 30 students (most labeled as “struggling readers”) ACTIVELY engaged in reading? Some are working with nonfiction articles, learning to activate their schema, making connections, and drawing conclusions. Others are immersed in a drama, practicing their reading fluency with a small group. Another group is engaged in a short-story, conducting a guided reading with the teacher and discussing the text on a deeper level. Not only are the kids engaged, they will have scaffolds to help them be more successful. The online version has available articles written to three different Lexile levels allowing teachers to give students the same lesson with appropriate text. It also has Text-to-Talk read alouds; this tool allows our ELLs the ability to follow along on a written text while hearing the words read aloud to them. The white-board ready digital versions are great for whole-group instruction and allow for highlighting and annotating. The built-in comprehension questions, vocabulary definitions, graphic organizers, and online videos are great ways for students to get feedback on their comprehension. SCOPE also has an iPad App that would allow our students hands-on access online right in the classroom! The vast array of topics covered in the articles could also be used for cross-curricular activities within our entire 6th grade learning community.

My Students Need: We need a classroom set (30 copies) of Scholastic SCOPE magazine. This subscription will give us 8 issues throughout the year, online access, and teacher guides.

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S&H 1 $22.98
Project Total: $242.76
Minus Donations: $60.00
Total Remaining: $182.76

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