Drones Obstacle Course at STEM

Submitted By: Robert E. Lee III

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My Students: Our learners are amazing innovative thinkers who display creativity. They come from across the district and represent all portions of MISD. They are always wanting to extend their learning and create solutions to the problems we present.

My Project: This year at the Jerry Knight STEM Academy, we are planning to compete in the Bell Helicopter Drone competition later this year. In preparation for this we need to purchase the needed materials to create a course that will enable our Learners to practice flying drone under the various conditions and situations that they may face in competition.

My Students Need: 1. Gates/Goals 2. Tennis Balls 3. Streamers 4. Yarn 5. Fishing Line 6. Pvc pipe 7. Pvc connectors 8. Hula Hoops

Budget Details

GreEco Set of 2 Pop Up Goals Foldable Gate - Pair of Soccer Goals or FPV Racing Gate Option Amazon 3 $53
Tourna Mesh Carry Bag of 18 Tennis Balls Amazon 1 $15.99
Supla 13 Rolls 355 Yard Party Streamers Backdrop Decorations Red Green Blue White Black Crepe Paper Rainbow Streamers 1.8" W x 27 Yard/roll for Birthday Christmas Amazon 1 $9.99
TYH Supplies 20 Skeins Yarn Assorted Colors 100% Acrylic for Crochet & Knitting Multi Pack Variety Colored Assortment Amazon 1 $8.99
Color Scissor Fishing Line, 500 Meters Clear Fluorocarbon Fishing Wire Nylon Strong Monofilament Fishing Line Amazon 1 $7.49
Liberty Imports VALUE BUNDLE - Snap Together Detachable Kids Toy Hoop for Playing, 32-Inch (Pack of 6) Amazon 1 $24.95
PVC ½” Pipe Home Depot 5 $2.20
PVC t-connectors, Furniture grade Home Depot 1 $12.59
Project Total: $250.00
Minus Donations: $250.00
Total Remaining: $0.00

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