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My Students: 5th grade is such an enjoyable year, especially for science! There are many fun science experiments and hands on activities that can be done. My bilingual students mainly come from low socio-economic backgrounds and do not have access to the same opportunities or experiences that many other students may have. My students love to come to school and feel that it is a safe learning environment for them. My focus is always vocabulary instruction because this is what my students struggle with. My students have a love for science because of the hands on opportunities. In my class, we work together to build each other up and help each other grow in our knowledge and education.

My Project: The circuit kits from ETA Hand2Mind will allow students an opportunity to build circuits and create open and closed circuits in a hands on environment. They will allow students opportunities to explore and engage with each other in a safe, fun environment. Students often struggle with understanding when a circuit is open and when it is closed, having opportunity to build them themselves will help them understand the difference between the two. Due to my students’ backgrounds, many do not have the same opportunities other students have. Buying these circuit kits will expand their experiences they may not have otherwise.

My Students Need: ETA Hand2Mind Snap Circuits Mini Kits Classpack, Set of 5

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Snap Circuits Mini Kits Classpack, Set of 5 item#IN55324 ETA Hand2Mind 1 $89.95
Project Total: $89.95
Minus Donations: $169.90
Total Remaining: $(79.95)

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