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Submitted By: Tanya Weitzman

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My Students: My students are extremely special to me. They have all had issues with behaviors and are all looking for someone to guide them. By the time students get to my program, parents are frustrated and pleading for help. Often, students need visuals printed for home and school to help them communicate. The students in my classroom work hard! They amaze me every day with their capabilities, and the sky is the limit for them! They love life, crave education, and love learning new ways to communicate and learn.

My Project: With this grant, I will be able to provide my students with color tasks, schedules, and visuals both for home and school. I will be able to print tasks students do at school for them to have at home. Not only will this help parents understand what we are doing at school, but it will also help bridge the gap between home and school. It will show parents that teachers care about their children and their needs, and will help parallel learning. Most of my students are non-verbal and need a lot of visual aids printed for them. As we teach them more in the classroom, their vocabulary grows and we need to be able to print visuals that will allow students to express themselves as they learn. Communication is the key to behavior. As we print visuals and tasks in color for our students and teach them how to complete these tasks, they learn the academics as well as the discipline of completing work, following directions, and having self-control. These attributes are a necessity to functioning in society. Let’s help all of our special needs students reach the level of being able to function in society!

My Students Need: My students need HP 88XL ink cartridges for printing tasks and visuals to assist them with learning and communication.

Budget Details

Limeink 4 Remanufactured Ink Cartridges 88XL High Yield Amazon 10 $13.45
Project Total: $134.50
Minus Donations: $30.00
Total Remaining: $104.50

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