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My Students: As the librarian, I see 250 energetic, intelligent, and highly inquisitive 3rd and 4th graders every week. They are enthusiastic and motivated to learn and always excited to discover something new. As Dr. Rick Rigsby said at convocation, "We have reared a generation of incredibly bright young people, who have been fed a diet of instant gratification." My students are incredibly intelligent; however, I believe it is not all about cognitive power but perseverance, patience, and the will to learn. i want my students to understand that if you want to be able to do something, you have to dedicate as much as needed in order to do so. My students range in age from seven to ten; therefore, the perfect age to reinforce multi-step problem solving, critical thinking, and becoming that leader that will be able to dazzle their friends with their awesome powers of cube solving! I appreciate your generosity in allowing me to bring these opportunities to our students.

My Project: Last year I hosted a guest speaker who worked with a small group on solving the Rubik's cube. The enthusiasm it sparked was phenomenal. Students that participated were so excited and animated, yet many lacked the patience to slow down and really study the algorithms needed to solve the cube. Although virtual learning tools are very good, there is a benefit in holding something in your hands and directly manipulating the tiles. hard data states that learning to solve the Rubik's cube improves memory, increases concentration and patience, helps the brain to memorize and map things in order, and develops problem-solving skills. I would live to purchase a set of 25 Rubik'c cubes to use in the library during weekly lessons and make them available fro checkout to classroom teachers. With these cubes available, I believe students will understand the importance for the need to practice, improve spatial awareness, and exercise their brains. Cubing represents a true example of spot-on learning. It is so much more than a fun toy! It sharpens mental reflexes and demonstrates the importance of perseverance and determination. I cannot wait to get these into the hands of my students!

My Students Need: We need a class set of Rubik's cubes so that we can persevere, cultivate patience, increase our reflexes, and escalate our sense of accomplishment helping us realize that we can do whatever we set out to do.

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Rubik's Cube (CF Mour Speed Cube) Amazon 25 $9.99
Project Total: $249.75
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