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Grants for Anna May Daulton Elementary

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It’s Gettin’ “HOT DOT” in Herre!
Submitted By: Abbey Franks

My Students: I teach the 4th grade co-teach class, this includes several students that have learning disabilities. So I have students that need intervention from previous grades up to above 4th grade level in all subjects. read more »

Grants for Carol Holt Elementary

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Lighting the Love of Reading with Kindle Fire
Submitted By: Chinua Melton

My Students: Our scholars come from a very diverse population. 44% of our scholars are economically disadvantaged and receive free/reduced lunch. We continue to strive and work hard to ensure ALL of our scholars learn and are ... read more »

Grants for Donna Shepard Intermediate

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Submitted By: Jana Perkins

My Students: My current art students have expressed interest in blown glass and stained glass art. The way the light shines through these pieces is stunning, and my students want their chance to make their art shine. ... read more »

Love Your Selfie!
Submitted By: Jana Perkins

My Students: My art students come from diverse backgrounds. Each has a unique face and story to tell with their art. These students chose art as their year-long elective, so they are eager to explore different art ... read more »

Empowering All Readers!
Submitted By: ShaKendra Allen

My Students: My students are enthusiastic, eager-to-learn 6th graders! They want to do well in school, but some of them just don’t have the tools in their toolbox yet to be successful. Struggling with reading comprehension ... read more »

Who Dunnit?
Submitted By: Christine McGraw

My Students: My students are hands on learners who have a passion for science. I have both general education classes as well as pre-advanced placement classes with gifted and talented students. My students enjoy engaging activities that ... read more »

Room to Learn
Submitted By: Christine McGraw

My Students: My students are hands on learners who have a passion for science. I have both general education classes as well as pre-advanced placement classes. My students need to be able to increase their functional understanding ... read more »

Grants for Imogene Gideon Elementary

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Learning is a Snap!
Submitted By: Claire Sybrant

My Students: Imogene Gideon Elementary is a diverse and family oriented campus. We are a Title 1 campus, with about 55% of students receiving free or reduced lunch. Our students enjoy hands on learning. Last year's addition of MakerSpaces ... read more »

Submitted By: Veronica Collins

My Students: My students require maximum assistance with toileting/diaper changes, are medically fragile and require alternative feeding. read more »

Grants for Janet Brockett Elementary

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Jump for Success
Submitted By: Grace George

My Students: Our kindergarten kids are so excited about learning! For many, this is their first time to attend a structured school environment. Their enthusiasm is contagious and they are enthusiastic and motivated to learn. Between five ... read more »

Skype, Skype and Away!
Submitted By: Molly Sparkman

My Students: We are a Pre-K through 4th grade campus that house over 500 inquisitive and curious students. Our students want to find out how things work and make sense out of things. If left to their own ... read more »

Grants for Judy K. Miller Elementary

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Building a Personal Learning Space
Submitted By: Genevieve Lim

My Students: My students are fortunate to have 22 Kindles in my class to work on research, passion projects, and access to education apps and programs. However, each student is unique in their learning, understanding and comprehension of ... read more »

Grants for Legacy High School

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Reading Improvement through History Stories
Submitted By: Shelene Anderson

My Students: My students are really bright but sometimes struggle with reading history due to reading levels, vocabulary, and lack of interest in the dry writing style of traditional history books. read more »

Grants for Mansfield High School

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Sand Off, Wax On
Submitted By: Danny McMahan

My Students: Mr. McMahan FLS class read more »

Grants for Martha Reid Elementary

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Connecting Habits to Literature
Submitted By: Leslie Drake

My Students: Our school is embarking on a new journey in launching leadership with our students through Leader in Me (LiM) which encompasses Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits. These habits are: Be Proactive, Begin with the End in ... read more »

Grants for Mary Jo Sheppard Elementary

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Serving Up Mugs with Hugs
Submitted By: Traci Green

My Students: My students are eager to learn- they come every day excited and ready to face the daily challenge of learning and growing their minds and abilities. I have 22 amazing students in my life skills classroom. ... read more »

We Can Do It… Career Skills for Everyone!
Submitted By: Traci Green

My Students: My classroom is unique and I teach a life skills class. Each of my students is gifted in their own beautiful way. My students have learning difficulties, but they are amazing, incredible learners. Our classroom ... read more »

iLearn with Osmo
Submitted By: Athena Johnson

My Students: I teach 2nd grade at Mary Jo Sheppard. My school is a Title I school. Over 50% of our students are identified as economically disadvantaged. It is important to expose students to different ways of learning ... read more »

Building Our Future
Submitted By: Miranda Williams

My Students: My classroom is filled with amazing and unique learners. I teach a life skills class and each student is gifted in their own individual way. My classroom is set up with stations that students rotate ... read more »

I Make, You Make, We all Make in Makerspace!!!
Submitted By: Sharon Prince

My Students: I am in an elementary school library with students ranging from pre-K through 4th grade. Our school is identified as a Title 1 school this year with over 50% identified as economically disadvantaged. read more »

Head Thinker, Eye Winker
Submitted By: Sharon Prince

My Students: I am in an elementary school library with students ranging from pre-K through 4th grade. Our school is identified as a Title 1 school this year with over 50% identified as economically disadvantaged. With young brains still ... read more »

Flexible Seating Focus Driven 4th Graders
Submitted By: Chelsey Luttrell

My Students: I have a hard-working group of fourth graders who are highly motivated by choice and the freedom of learning in a safe environment. My students come from very diverse backgrounds, and many of them use ... read more »

Grants for Mary Lillard Intermediate

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Colorful Science
Submitted By: Sherri Turman

My Students: I have an amazing group of 5th grade students (including GT, sped and ELL) at Mary Lillard Intermediate School. We teach a very diverse group of students with different backgrounds and life experiences. These cultural ... read more »

For The World To See
Submitted By: Katherine Doerge

My Students: th and 6th Grade Technology Application students. All 5th graders (around 500 throughout the course of the year) and approximately 200 6th graders take Technology Applications and learn the basics of word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software. A ... read more »

Cricuts Everywhere
Submitted By: Carolee Wilson

My Students: Our students live in a time where they are being pushed at an early age to go beyond what is taught in the classroom in regards to science, technology, engineering and math. We also need ... read more »

Grants for Nancy Neal Elementary

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It is All Fun and Games!
Submitted By: Lesley Norris & Jennifer Bustillos

My Students: Our students at Nancy Neal Elementary represent a wide range of social and economic status. Many of our students ride the school bus in the morning and after school and cannot participate in school clubs ... read more »

House Music- We Are Family!
Submitted By: Erica Carswell

My Students: Nancy Neal Elementary is home to a phenomenal family of PPCD- Grade 4 Cheetahs striving for academic excellence, fostering collective growth, examples of character and compassion, and most of all, a family that cares about one ... read more »

Grants for Summit High School

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Collegiate Colors
Submitted By: Melissa Ybarra-Jimenez

My Students: My students are 9th and 10th grade AVID students. These students are working on their goal to attend College. The AVID curriculum helps prepare students for the rigor of College and can be quite challenging. ... read more »

Board Game Club
Submitted By: Joshua Shiel, Jay Clark, Daniel Allgire

Our Students: Summit high school is a wonderful place full of spirit and comradery. Our students embrace the incredible amount of diversity represented at our campus, and come together as a family to support the athletic teams, ... read more »

Grants for Tarver-Rendon Elementary

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Write Like a Pro
Submitted By: Ginger Crouch

My Students: Our kindergarteners are excited to learn new things, but writing can be scary and overwhelming to them. Kindergarteners really connect with picture books. Having picture books that can support our guided writing time will greatly ... read more »

Let the Learners Make: Bringing Our Maker Space to Life!
Submitted By: Jennifer A Thomas

My Students: My class consists of a diverse population of students that have varied cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and learning styles. Makerspace will allow the students to engage in kinesthetic learning and provide a unique opportunity to enrich ... read more »

Twist and Shout!
Submitted By: Sarah Wimberley

My Students: My students are 5 year olds who are active and eager to learn. I want to engage my students physically and creatively with what they are learning. Having the Twist-E-Fit Workout Boards in my classroom will ... read more »

Pedal to Success
Submitted By: Dawn Price

My Students: We have very active learners at Tarver-Rendon. With Kindergarten, the more action based the activities are, the more the students remember what is being taught. Studies show exercise strengthens memory, helps the brain to focus, ... read more »

Grants for The Phoenix Academy

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Famished for Fiction
Submitted By: Pamela Ruiz

My Students: My students come from all walks of life. Some are upper-middle class and live with both parents in a nice home, while others struggle financially and/or live on their own with friends. Regardless of ... read more »

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